Sam Norman Ceramics

Sam Norman Ceramics

day to day studio life

My work will be featured in an Art Sale Tuesday, December 4th!! Located at the Catalyst Medical Center in Fargo.. 1800 21st Ave S • Fargo ND 58103

These, and much more will be on display from 4:45-7:00pm (Nos can is not for sale, that is for me). Come buy your mother the perfect Christmas gift!

Flying with my brother Joe Norman for Inspiration

My brother is currently receiving his flying license, I rode along for some inspiration


I have began to turn this inspiration into reality testing out my idea on a dinner plate which I will post a photo later in the week after it is glaze fired.


MSUM Ceramic Sale!

Located infront of the Roland Dille Gallery on Campus. Come get great Chirstmas gifts for your Mother!

Cups at Sale


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